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Business Solutions

Technix’s business solutions help customers implement best-in-class solutions for operational excellence, business intelligence (BI) . Our deep portfolio of business solutions addresses a range of customer needs, including customer relationship management, procurement, and supply chain management.

ERP Advisory

ERP system is an investment and effort including strategic planning and implementation and well beyond.
To achieve the desired ROI, Businesses should seek to implement an ERP solution that integrates and optimises business processes and technology to realise process and control efficiencies, cost reductions, and effective compliance management.Technix ERP Advisory Services professionals combine deep business, finance and accounting experience with technical and functional applications knowledge.

Training Materials

We provide Training Materials for Next Generation Learning Objectives.Effective training is imperative to facilitate the transfer of proper knowledge and skills to both customers and partners in order to drive project excellence. Well prepared training material is an important asset in conducting effective training, with appropriate emphasis on each section. At Technix, we employ a systematic approach to develop training materials and programs that are tailored to the needs of client businesses. We begin by conducting a need analysis to identify training requirements and objectives, and set realistic goals for their accomplishment.

Tender Management & Documentation

Tender Management from Technix ensure an accurate tender phase with expert tender documentation preparation, analysis, and negotiation.
The tender phase of project is a time consuming and resource intensive task. We believe in timelines and provide expert tender documentation preparation and analysis, and helps ensure an accurate tender procedure to prepare and negotiate all project bids.

Detail Requirement Analysis

A focused and detailed business requirements analysis can help you avoid any day to day Business Operation problems. Our process of Detail Requirement Analysis includes discovering, analyzing, defining, and documenting the requirements that are related to a specific business objective.By this method we clearly and precisely define the scope of the project, so that you can assess the timescales and resources needed to complete it.

Process analysis

With maximum flexibility, Technix in offers organizational and business and process analysis services for our clients: we are at your service whether it be regarding the whole company or only one service unit, a specific issue or a complex problem.

Process Integration

We synergize discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, PLCs, production machinery, enterprise application integration, business process management and custom software application development.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics (BAS) connects businesses, platforms, customers, employees, and partners, by integrating data and delivering insights across the global digital ecosystem. The expert consulting, implementation, and operational services that we offer cover the complete information management lifecycle for customers. Our business analytics services can be leveraged in a standalone fashion by companies looking to expedite their "data-to-value" cycle.


In a world where customers expect response within seconds or lose interest, fostering hyper accelerated digitally enhanced human interactions is critical for success. To satiate the digital native of today, organizations must reimagine their relationships with customers from a new perspective – across all channels and at every touch point.
We help our clients accelerate their CRM transformation initiatives to increase sales, boost productivity and improve customer service – while reducing operational cost and increasing time-to-market.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

At Technix, we believe in the power of synergy. Our SCM solutions help our clients achieve greater collaboration among stakeholders. We redefine the supply chain pathway, and boost service levels across diverse verticals - planning and forecasting, strategic sourcing and procurement, and fulfillment and after-sales services.

Supplier relationship management (SRM)

Supplier relationship management doesn’t have to be a daunting task for you and your purchasing staff to have to juggle with your raw material procurement program. We have been helping companies across a wide variety of industries improve the performance of their supply chains for more than 20 years.

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