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Growth Hacking

With our strong extensive networks in India, we can help your company venture into the Indian markets to be established and integrated into the domestic market.  Assistance will be provided with:

1. Identifying your business interests and growth needs

2. Creating market presence & promoting your brand, your product and other corporate needs.

3. Connect you to the right opportunities and build your business

We help you get established and connected so that your business can grow. It may be franchise networks, finding the right distributors, technology partners or investors; our network, database, local know-how and extensive research ability constitute the right combination for your growth plan. Coverage of our consulting services is listed below.

Business Startup

Joint Ventures, Investments & Acquisitions

Formalities Business Strategy

Business Feasibility Studies

Opportunity Identification

Strategic Business Review

India Entry Strategy

Identification of international partners/ targets

Market and Competition Analysis

FDI and related Regulatory Approvals

Evaluation and Due Diligence

Critical Customer Value Analysis

Business Incorporation

Transaction Management

Business Strategy Formulation

Our consultants work with you on supply chains, pricing, financial reporting, market, data, system configurations of IT applications, mobile apps etc. to adjust the strategy accordingly.

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