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Search Engine Optimization

Why do You need to hire SEO Agency?

Now buyer's behavior is changing.Offline buyers are shifting to online buyers. Therefore everyone brand wants to rank on the first page of search engines, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Google and other search engines use more than 200 ranking factors in their ranking algorithm. Last year, there were over 540 improvements to that algorithm, Which has made ranking on the first page tougher.
At Technix, as a Top-rated SEO company, our search engine optimization (SEO) services are exclusively designed for your business. We research and prepare custom SEO Strategies which exactly fits your brand and drive targeted traffic to your website, which leads to more business opportunities.
We will create a unique strategy to help boost your sales and increase your return on investment (ROI). SEO is not an overnight process, It takes time and efforts to improve your ranking and traffic to your website. However, the right SEO strategies & SEO Experts can help you see better results in a shorter time.

Why US ?

If you are looking for SEO for your company website, you’ve come to the right place. Our SEO consultants at Technix are a talented group of experts specializing in SEO. We are dedicated to getting you the results you are looking for.
Our SEO Firm team of professionals include technical leads, creative professionals, writers, designers, and developers. We provide SEO services for a wide array of competitive industries around the world. We have also worked with household brands, as well as small and medium-size businesses.
At Technix we are all about the relationship, not just the transaction. Our SEO Agency believe in building long-term relationships with clients based on shared ideals and success.Technix's SEO services include the following:

SEO Consultants

Your business’ goals and objectives are important when creating an SEO strategy. Whether you have an in-house marketing team that needs support and guidance, or you are looking for a full-service SEO team, our experts can help. We will provide a full analysis of your website and determine the best approach for search engine optimization.

Keyword & Market Research

Keyword research helps us to provide a forecast of opportunity within your industry. Using this research we can determine the best approach to improving your website traffic and conversions.For free keyword analysis, please

Website Audits

Our SEO Firm is well known for professional website analysis. Using our professional software, we are able to audit your website and determine if search engines are able to effectively discover, crawl and index your web pages.For FREE SEO AUDIT REPORT.

Onsite SEO

Without on-page optimization, your other efforts could go to waste. Onsite SEO refers to adding meta descriptions and title tags to your website, as well as ensuring your content is both keyword-rich and informative. We will also ensure that none of your links are broken and that your site loads properly in various browsers.

Google Penalty Recovery

Many websites have been penalized without realizing it. Our team of SEO consultants has extensive experience in link audits and backlink reviews. We have helped numerous websites recover from Google penalties such as Panda and Penguin. We have also helped websites recover from past actions that have negatively affected their website.

Link Building Services

Links are still a fundamental signal used in website scoring. Link building is often forgotten and not given the proper expertise it deserves. We will focus on creating high-quality links that will help improve your website visibility.
To check our link building packages

Content Marketing

Content is king! When it comes to any marketing campaign the right content can help turn a visitor into a sale. Our creative team includes writers, designers, and developers. We have helped increase many business’ brand awareness in mainstream media and industry-leading publications and blogs.


At Exaalgia, we have developed close relationships with well known and influential publishers, bloggers, and journalists in various industries around the world. They look to our brands for unique opinions and timely content.


Connect with some key authorities on the web. Content is published on the Internet every minute, making it easier for great content to get lost. Our SEO outreach team can help get your content noticed and get people talking about your brand.

Info graphics & Interactive Content

Infographics can be very beneficial to your business. Our creative team of designers and developers work with our SEO consultants to research and create original infographics for your brand that will get shared across the web.

Social Media Promotion

Social media is a great way to reach your audience. While search engines are still understanding and not fully using social signals in their scoring algorithm, we understand the importance of social media. We can help you expand your message across all platforms.

Reporting & Analysis

We love analyzing data and we pride ourselves on being completely transparent. We will provide monthly reports on visibility, analytics, conversions and value, so you can measure your SEO investment and determine if your goals are being met.

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