Lack of online visibility can hinder the growth of your business. Missing out in the crowd of competitors due to low traffic will leave you crestfallen. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the solution for this crunch. SEO increases the quality of your website and helps your business grow multifold. 93% of searchers tend to choose one of the top 5 results of a search engine.
It’s time you bring yourself up to speed and plow into marketing through social media. Social Media Marketing boosts your search engine ranking and showcases your brand in the social sphere. Set foot into the enthralling world of social media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter and experience the upsurge in traffic and sales as well.
Getting the right traffic for your website requires drawing the attention of potential users. This can be done by an effective internet advertising model, which is the PAY PER CLICK (PPC) marketing. It is an undeniable fact that the top paid ads on the search engine get 41% of the clicks on the page. PPC marketing strategy uses the search engine advertising to prompt more clicks to your website. It is a cost effective and serviceable strategy as it helps drive more customers to your website hence accentuating your desired traffic. Besides contributing to increased website advertising, it also puts you on top of the search engine, helping searchers looking for services like yours to find you easily. At Technix, we perform a strategically implemented keyword research which will help drive the right traffic and a noticeable upsurge in the click through rate of your website. Establish your brand name through PPC marketing provided by us and acquire a boom in your revenue.
Are you a victim of an unhappy customer who has vented out his anger befouling your brand name? If you are a sitting target of obsolete content or web search results that are hampering your growth opportunities online, don’t panic! You have landed at the right place. At Technix, we provide a makeover to your brand name by bringing to the foreground, your desired image. It is found that 85% of consumers make a thorough research about a company or product before making a purchase decision. Online reputation is one factor that plays a significant role in shaping your business image. The image that you form online predominantly as a result of any content on the internet and social networking sites you are tagged in. Any privative content related to your business can tarnish your corporate image. More than 65%of internet users see online searches as a most trusted source of information about companies and people. Online Reputation Management controls what blows in when someone Googles your company name.Your trustworthiness is instrumental in driving your business into the limelight. We push up the all the positive attributes of your company and cast down the negative image in the search results, giving your brand the positive look that boosts the company ranking.
Tried out all the age old outbound marketing strategies? The hour has arrived that you invest your time and focus on the Inbound Marketing strategy. Considered as an effective marketing method for carrying out online business, the Inbound Marketing activities get hold of consumers by publishing content that keeps them interested. Keeping a focus on creating quality content for your business website attracts potential customers towards your company and its products or services. Inbound marketing is a more innovative way of getting leads by showcasing more desirable content. Powerful content in the form of blog posts, whitepapers, videos, ebooks used to interact with your customers will improve your social presence and also bring in more leads. According to statistics, 54% more leads are generated through inbound tactics than other traditional marketing strategies. The better the content is, the more people will visit your website. The quality of the content will define the kind of response that your website can generate. Make the right move and grow in business by availing the Inbound Marketing services at Technix, as we understand your requirements and feature tactical content to present your company as credible and trustworthy.
Building trust and enhancing the relationship of your company with your customers is indisputably the best way to reign supreme in the marketing landscape. Amongst many ways of reaching to your customers, the most eloquent and vibrant tool is Email Marketing. If you have set your sight on reaching out to your target customers personally, then the best way to do it is by connecting with all your customers universally through Email Marketing. This not only builds loyalty but also revamps your company status online. A promoted lead increases sales up to 20 % more than a cold lead. At 33% less cost than other lead-generating mechanisms, emails generate 50% more sales. We provide you with this personal, customizable and most effective online marketing tactic through which you can scale up in your industry and measure the impact as well. This marketing strategy provided by us at Technix, will let your customers be able to hear from you anytime, anywhere without much difficulty. With Email Marketing as your tool, you are just a click away from your customers.